Paranoid X - AAA-rated armoured motorcycle jeans

€225,00 EUR

Introducing our newly upgraded Paranoid AAA-rated protective motorcycle jeans, meticulously re-designed to offer even more advanced protection without compromising on our class-leading comfort.

The team at Roadskin aimed to create a pair of armoured motorcycle jeans that offer both maximum protection and comfort. Through extensive research, we have developed a unique blend of materials that make our jeans incredibly strong, resilient, and comfortable. Whether you are riding through the city or going on an adventurous journey, our armoured motorcycle jeans will keep you protected and comfortable throughout your ride.

Double-layer, but with the comfort of single-layer motorcycle jeans

These jeans are designed with advanced technology to offer the wearer ultimate protection and comfort. The jeans have a double-layer construction, with the outer layer made of a Kevlar blend that is both durable and high-performance. The Kevlar mix has added stretch to ensure maximum flexibility and comfort.

Meanwhile, the inner layer is fully lined with a top-of-the-line Black Kevlar material, ensuring that every inch of these jeans is reinforced for maximum safety and peace of mind. The weight of the jeans is, of course, heavier than our class-leading Taranis Elite single-layer jeans, but our designers have managed only to increase it by 25% - imagine a premium pair of day-to-day jeans but with a couple of extra pounds on top.

Bennetts High Performance Motorcycle Jeans Award - Gold

Bennetts High Performance Award

This garment has won the Bennetts High Performance Award, a non-profit program that helps riders choose the equipment that best suits their needs.


Important information regarding motorcycle jean armour

It is very important to wear the armour provided with these motorcycle jeans, not just to help protect your bones but also to reduce the impact of the bone against the fabric in the key areas. The fabric is not designed to withstand impact injury, in the key areas, without armour.

Best fit guide

To find your best fit for our motorcycle jeans, please do the following:

Grab your favourite pair of jeans. Then measure across the waist in inches. Double that to get the waist size.

Then measure from the crotch of the jeans to the end of one leg. With both measurements to hand, you are ready to order.

Motorcycle Jeans Testing & Ratings

Since 21st April 2018 all motorcycle clothing has to be certified as PPE or Personal Protective Equipment by law.

Clothing is classified to different levels AAA being the most protective down to C being the least. Loosely speaking you can say that they are most suited to the type of riding below but always go for the highest if possible.  

  • AAA Motorways and higher speeds
  • AA Touring
  • A City or Urban use 30mph and below
  • B No armour so not advised
  • C Waste of time

This testing is done by certified bodies both here (we use SATRA) and abroad under the standard EN 17092-2.

Caring for your motorcycle jeans

Keeping your motorcycle jeans in peak condition is important not just for how they look but for your safety – you might say, there’s a lot riding on it!

Once you’ve settled on a favourite pair, and worn them in, and they’ve become a faithful friend in pretty much every and any riding situation, you’ll want them to last forever.

We have all heard about the denim aficionados are reluctant to wash their jeans, but motorcycle jeans are different. Not washing them means that they will inevitably degrade over time, thanks for grime, grease and sweat.

We have produced a guide on keeping them clean and in tip top condition.