Maak kennis met onze meest beschermende motorjeans tot nu toe: Roadskin Paranoid X

At Roadskin BV, we're always looking for ways to up our game by making better motorcycle jeans than previous ones. One way we do this is by adapting the best parts of our various award-winning motorcycle jeans and incorporating them into one big, brand-new pair with one specific purpose. Are you looking for super-safe, high-quality motorcycle jeans that are both stylish and protective? Then the new Paranoid X is definitely for you.

We took our best-selling double-layer winter motorcycle jeans (the Paranoid) and integrated the latest fabric and construction technologies from our best-selling single-layer Taranis jeans. These new jeans have two easy-to-wear, protective layers. The outer denim layer is the same as the existing Taranis and has a AAA (highest possible) safety rating alone. The inner lining is 100% Kevlar®. That's what I'm talking about!

The resulting jeans are a hybrid with incredible abrasion resistance, but with the advantage of flexibility, stretch and only a slight increase in weight over a standard pair of high-quality cotton jeans. This is the Paranoid X: safety, style and warmth in one package: already a gold winner of the Bennetts High-Performance Award.

If there were such a CE rating of AAAA, these jeans would pass with flying colors (reportedly)

The materials selected for the Paranoid X make for uniquely strong, resilient and comfortable jeans. The outer layer consists of a cotton/DuPont™ Kevlar®/Lycra blend. The jeans are fully lined with 100% DuPont™ Kevlar® and, of course, feature Level 2 knee and hip armor.

This combination allows the Paranoid X motorcycle jeans to deliver optimal performance in colder climates and British weather, making them ideal for winter and spring riding and touring. Whether you are exploring the beautiful landscapes of Northern Europe and Scandinavia or conquering the mountainous regions of the U.S. and Canada, these jeans will keep you warm, comfortable and protected. Even the A1 between Newark and Newcastle!

The double-layer construction offers superior insulation and durability so you can focus on the road, stay safe and enjoy your ride to the fullest, even in challenging weather conditions. So don your gear with Paranoid X and experience ultimate comfort, style and performance during your cycling adventures.

We asked Roadskin founder Ian to tell us about the inspiration behind the Paranoid X jeans

It's mainly about protection," Ian explains. There's something about two layers that gives riders confidence. We use the Taranis denim, which is AAA-rated in its own right, and have put a stretchy 230g Kevlar® lining over it, so it's at the very top in terms of safety. For some people, one-layer jeans - even AAA-rated ones - don't feel as safe as reality. Psychologically, they feel reassured by wearing a thicker pair of jeans. The Paranoid X is perfect for these riders. The Paranoid X cycling jeans are also warmer, which is good for spring and fall - just not for that month of warm weather we occasionally get!

For more information on the new jeans, visit the Roadskin Paranoid X motorcycle jeans page.

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