Roadskin Tyrian Motorcycle Jeans for Women

€185,00 EUR

Ride with confidence and fashion flair with Roadskin's Tyrian Motorcycle Jeans for Women. These cutting-edge jeans, explicitly designed with additional features for women riders, blend top-notch safety with sleek denim aesthetics.

The Tyrian CE AA-rated jeans offer nimble protection without forsaking the timeless appeal of blue denim. For fans of throwback style, our Tyrian jeans come with a roll-up design, a nod to the chic Americana look of the 1950s.

This pair of jeans provides a superior level of comfort regarding riding gear. Crafted from an exquisite mix of CORDURA® Denim Fabric and Lycra, they present a plush feel while adapting seamlessly to your unique riding style. Roadskin's in-house testing revealed their irresistible comfort, making them a staple from work hours to leisure.

Tyrian jeans are the go-to choice for women motorcyclists who don't compromise on safety or fashion. They flawlessly merge protective design elements with stylish appeal for a ride that looks as good as it feels.

Tyrian Motorcycle Jeans - Key Features:

  • CE AA-Rated Protection: Roadskin's Tyrian jeans meet stringent safety benchmarks, providing reliable protection on every ride.
  • Level 2 Knee and Hip Armour: The armour installation pockets ensure peace of mind while navigating the roads, and comes with CE Level 2 armour as standard.
  • Double-Stitched Durability: The jeans' longevity is assured by their double-stitched main seams, which bolster durability and burst resistance in case of an accident.
  • Armour Pockets Placement: Thoughtfully placed hip and knee pockets secure your armour, ensuring maximum safety.
  • Cool Mesh Lining: The lightweight mesh lining ensures cooling comfort on rides and offers additional skin tear protection.
  • Customisable Length: The jeans' adjustable length, facilitated by a shorter mesh lining, allows you to personalise them to suit your style.
  • Fit Features: A higher waistband at the back provides draught-free comfort and discretion, and tailored leg fittings provide an elegant appearance.
  • Attachments: Double belt loops for layering up with our Easyrider II armoured hoodie, increasing your protection.
  • Personalised Fit: Available in sizes to accommodate women riders of various shapes, promising a comfortable journey for everyone.
  • Quality Material Mix: It is crafted using a durable blend of 75% CORDURA® Denim Fabric, combined with polyester, nylon, and Lycra for flexibility and lasting comfort.

Whether riding through urban jungles or exploring country trails, Tyrian motorcycle jeans offer optimum protection, superior comfort, and striking style for women motorcyclists. These are the ultimate riding gear to put you in your comfort zone while keeping you fashionable and safeguarded every mile.

Upgrade your motorbike wardrobe and embrace the flawless blend of fashion and safety with the Tyrian motorcycle jeans.