Keeping your armoured motorcycle shirt in peak condition is essential not just for how it looks but for your safety – you might say a lot is riding on it!

You'll want it to last forever once you've settled on a favourite shirt and worn it in, and they've become a faithful friend in almost every riding situation.

The more you wear and wash your favourite Munro shirt, it will have a faded vintage worn-in look, so don't worry about that, as it's all part of the look. Not washing them means they will inevitably degrade, thanks to grime, grease and sweat. Especially in hot weather, lined shirts will feel hotter and stickier than single-layer shirts, so they are likely to need more frequent washing.

To help you keep your Munro motorcycle shirt looking sharp and staying safe, we've put together the following dos and don'ts:

How do I wash my armoured motorcycle shirt? 


Remove all armour and any removable layers (wash these separately).

Fasten up the front zips and poppers to avoid damaging the fabric.

Turn the shirt inside out to maintain the colour and help protect the outer fibres.

Check the wash and care label. We recommend washing Roadskin armoured motorcycle shirts by hand. We also recognise that this is a hassle, so generally speaking, the shirt can be cleaned gently at a low temperature (30°) in the washing machine on a short cycle, using regular detergent (bio or non-bio is fine). Just check that the detergent does not contain bleach – it will destroy the Kevlar fibres.


Use fabric conditioner.

Dry clean, as the chemicals will damage your shirt.

Wash them more often than you need – they will last longer. When it comes to washing the shirt, less is more.

Iron your shirt to prevent heat damage.

How do I dry my motorcycle shirt?


Dry the shirt  flat to help keep the shape

Hang it away from direct sunlight to prevent colour fade and UV damage to the aramid fibres


Tumble dry – but make it short and cool if you must. If you wear and wash your bike shirt frequently, wearing a few shirts on rotation is better.

How do I wash my protective armour?

Wipe clean with a solution of multipurpose cleaner such as Flash.