Roadskin Tyrian Motorcycle Jeans for Men

€185,00 EUR

Experience the innovative style and reliable protection on every mile with Roadskin's latest motorcycle jeans, the Tyrian. Designed for discerning riders, these CE AA-rated motorcycle jeans for men are meticulously crafted to blend high-performance safety features with the timeless charm of classic blue denim.

The Tyrian jeans feature reinforced stitching at critical points, providing extra durability and peace of mind on the road. In a departure from our typical design, these motorcycle jeans are tailored to be cuffed for a retro aesthetic reminiscent of 1950s Americana, adding a vintage flair to your riding gear. Elevate your motorcycle experience with Roadskin's Tyrian jeans - where safety meets style seamlessly.

Comfort like you have never experienced in motorcycle jeans

The materials used in the construction of these jeans, a blend of CORDURA® Denim Fabric and lycra, produce a superior softness to the touch and unparalleled comfort as they stretch to your riding style—a true innovation that we hope our customers will enjoy, both on and off their motorcycles. Our internal testing resulted in the jeans never being taken off, from work to the pub and relaxing at home afterwards.

The Tyrian jeans offer motorbike enthusiasts safety and style, blending protection with a cult classic design, for your every ride.

Tyrian Motorcycle Jeans - Key Features:

  • CE AA-Rated Protection: Designed to meet rigorous safety standards, Tyrian Jeans offer protection on every ride.
  • Level 2 Knee and Hip Armour: Comes equipped with the armour as standard, giving you peace of mind as you tackle the roads.
  • Triple-Stitched Durability: All main seams are triple-stitched, reinforcing the jeans' resilience and longevity.
  • Strategic Armour Pockets: Conveniently positioned hip and knee pockets ensure your armour stays in place, maximising protection.
  • Cool Mesh Lining: A light mesh lining keeps you cool during rides and adds a layer of skin tear protection.
  • Adjustable Length: With a well-thought-out shorter mesh lining, these jeans can be easily turned up for a custom fit.
  • Connections: Double belt loops for attaching top layers – e.g. our Easyrider II armoured hoodie
  • High-Quality Material Composition: It is made from a durable fabric blend of 75% CORDURA® Denim Fabric, with polyester, nylon, and Lycra for flexibility and comfort.

Whether you're riding through bustling city streets amidst the urban buzz or leisurely cruising down serene country lanes surrounded by nature's tranquillity, our Tyrian motorcycle jeans offer a perfect blend of protection, comfort, and distinctive style. Crafted to enhance your riding experience, these jeans are designed to keep you safe, comfortable, and effortlessly stylish on every journey.