Roadskin® belt connector

€15,00 EUR

The Roadskin® belt connector helps you attach your Roadskin jeans to your Munro Armoured Shirt or other motorcycle jacket to prevent an uncomfortable gap from forming between the two while riding. This connection protects your lower back from the wind and elements, enhancing your overall riding experience.

  • Compatible with the majority of motorcycle jackets
  • Premium quality YKK zipper
  • The elasticated section provides comfort and flexibility on the bike
  • Discreet design – can remain on your belt when not in use
  • Crafted from genuine leather

How to use:

Grab your favourite belt and slide it through the belt loops of your Roadskin jeans.

  • When you reach the back centre, loop the belt through the Roadskin Belt Connector.
  • Next, thread the belt through the centre loop of your jeans and back through the Roadskin Belt Connector on the opposite side.
  • Keep threading the belt through the remaining loops until you fasten it at the front. The Roadskin Belt Connector will stay secure at the back.
  • Finally, zip up your Munro Armoured Shirt or favourite jacket, and you're ready to ride.