RHEON™ Motorcycle Hip Armour

€19,99 EUR

Riders have always desired comfortable armour that feels invisible during rides but offers reliable performance when necessary. In response, RHEON™ developed motorcycle hip armour that redefined protection by replacing bulky, restrictive, and overheated armour with something lightweight, comfortable, and cool. This innovation delivers a unique experience that reimagines the possibilities of body protection and is now offered to Roadskin customers.

The science part...

RHEON™, a non-Newtonian material, exhibits a unique duality: it remains soft and flexible under normal conditions yet becomes rigid when exposed to force. This enables it to meet the most stringent impact protection criteria while maintaining exceptional softness, flexibility, and comfort.

Light years ahead

RHEON™ patented an algorithm that mimics how cells are packed in nature. There are 100 million years of evolutionary know-how in every single fibre, which helps the armour to be lighter, naturally.

The hip armour is made using a unique form of 3D printing and weighs only 93g per protector. This groundbreaking technology allows precise control over the material's structure, which results in a custom fit as it moulds itself to the rider.

Cool, even on the hottest of days

The unique cell packing allows air to flow around the rider. Making RHEON™ Armour the most breathable motorcycle armour in the world.

More than just protection

RHEON™ armour provides superior impact protection and features enhanced breathability and temperature regulation. This means riders can stay relaxed and comfortable during long rides.

With RHEON™ armour, Roadskin is taking your protection to a new level. Riders no longer have to sacrifice comfort for safety or compromise on performance for style. With RHEON™, you can have it all.

So why settle for traditional armour that limits your mobility and causes discomfort? Trust us, your body will thank you. So what are you waiting for? Try Roadskin with RHEON™ hip armour now and feel the difference yourself.

Features Summary:

  • Level 2 Hip Protector - sold as a pair.
  • Dimensions: 148mm x 219mm
  • Weight: 93g (per protector)
  • Thickness: 11mm
  • Impact Performance: EN1621-1:2012 Level 2

Compatible with the following Roadskin® Jeans:

  • Taranis
  • Tyrian
  • Paranoid X

Rheon Armour Impact Demonstration

The video demonstrates an impact test on a block of ice with and without RHEON™ Armour.

The RHEON™ Armour is placed on top of the block of ice and the impactor is dropped. The RHEON™ Technology immediately stiffens up to absorb the energy from the impact, protecting the ice from any damage. Immediately after the impact, the Armour returns to it’s highly flexible state.

When the same impact is carried out without the RHEON™ Armour to protect the ice, it shatters instantly.