Motorcycle Armoured Hoodie - Easyrider II

€169,00 EUR

Armoured Motorcycle Single Skin Hoodie - Easyrider II

Our latest version of the best-selling Maximite® Hoodie Easyrider I is now available. It is the first motorcycle hoodie in the world to receive a CE protection certificate, as tested by the SATRA Technology Centre in the UK. This Roadskin® Hoodie is made with an outer layer of super-strong Maximite® material, providing excellent protection for motorbike riders.

The Maximite Easyrider II Armoured Motorcycle Hoodie is a highly durable yet lightweight jacket that includes Level 2 Back, Shoulder, and Elbow Armour. It features a built-in waterproof membrane and a cool mesh liner, making it the perfect CE-passed hooded jacket for motorbike riders. It is also comfortable to wear all year round for everyday casual riding.

The Easyrider II has all-new features, including extra protective ribbing to the shoulders and a comfortable storm cuff inside the sleeve, which stops the sleeve from riding up the arm in the event of an accident and prevents wind flow from entering your sleeve. The jacket has a waterproof membrane* to help keep you dry if you are caught in a shower. The Easyrider II Hoodie has a more fitted cut than the original Easyrider I. If you are looking for a more relaxed fitting hoodie or have a generously proportioned tum, then the original Easyrider I may be more comfortable. 

Armoured Motorcycle Hoodie Technical Details:

  • This protective motorcycle armoured hoodie has passed the new CE Impact, Abrasion and Tear tests at CE 17092 at AA and is fully certified.
  • It has also passed CE outer-seam strength at the same level and CE tear strength at the highest zone level of AA everywhere.
  • The material has passed EN388 CUT/SLASH at Level 2 and Puncture/Stab at Level 3.
  • Mesh lining
  • Waterproof membrane (*please note that this garment is not designed to be 100% waterproof as there may be some seepage through the zip in a heavy or persistent downpour)
  • Detachable hood so it can also be used as a lightweight, hood-less jacket.
  • Comfortable storm-cuffs
  • A securable belt loop to stop the jacket from rising
  • Includes free CE level 2 Impact Memory Foam for the back, shoulders, and elbows.
Roadskin® Premium Zipped Hoodie - Roadskin®

Since 21st April 2018 all motorcycle clothing has to be certified as PPE or Personal Protective Equipment by law.

Clothing is classified to different levels AAA being the most protective down to C being the least. Loosely speaking you can say that they are most suited to the type of riding below but always go for the highest if possible.  

  • AAA Motorways and higher speeds
  • AA Touring
  • A City or Urban use 30mph and below
  • B No armour so not advised
  • C Waste of time

This testing is done by certified bodies both here (we use SATRA) and abroad under the standard EN 17092-2.