Roadskin Motorcycle Base Layer - Men's Leggings

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Roadskin's men's base layer leggings are constructed with C.E.F. Technology to create a glove-like fit. They also include seamless technology that adapts to body movement and maximises muscle performance. The Carbon Energised Fibre and DRYARN® polypropylene blend ensures effective breathability, allowing perspiration to evaporate quickly and keeping the body temperature consistent. Open Work mesh is featured at the groin, lower back and back of knees for quick cooling and fatigue prevention.

In hot weather, our base layers help to wick away sweat and keep riders cool. This is important because sweat can make riders uncomfortable and can also lead to chafing. In cold weather, they help to trap heat and keep you warm.

This product is designed and made in Italy by UNDER SHIELD®, a premier Italian manufacturer of technically advanced clothing. Roadskin® have collaborated with UNDER SHIELD®  to deliver our customers the ultimate in base layers and associated gear.

This motorcycle base layer is also STANDARD 100 by OEKO TEX® CERTIFIED, which means it is free of harmful chemicals and meets the highest standards for safety and sustainability. 

If you're looking for a base layer that will keep you comfortable and dry, no matter what you're doing, riding or otherwise, the Roadskin Men's Base Layer Leggings are the perfect choice.